Protocols for Intimate Content in Film, TV and Media

About Us

Mission : The PMA is a membership-driven Association that implements and facilitates ethical best practice, cooperation and communication among Agents/Managers and all role-players in the entertainment industry for the benefit and betterment of professional talent and the industry as a whole.

Vision : Global Performance – African Excellence

Culture Statement : The PMA holds a culture of inclusivity and co-operation, aspiring to communicate with a solution-driven focus and a respectful, transparent and unified voice within a collaborative environment. By way of effective communication we encourage, mentor, train, support and inspire as well as find solutions to serve the best interests of the organisation.

What we do

We strive to Implement and maintain the best Industry practices and standards. We actively work in the entertainment industry to further our agencies· and our performers' interests to grow, stimulate and structure our industry In the best possible way.

We are also activists for performer rights and lobby on several levels with a variety of stakeholders for the overall betterment and sustainability of our Industry.

PMA members volunteer their time, skills and services to serve on our committees as we work together to share knowledge and support to empower agents and improve our professional landscape and serve our talent and clients better.